Sunday, July 09, 2006

Links of the Weekend

  • Twins phenom and FreeDarko favorite Francisco Lirano put together another ho-hum start Saturday night: 7 innings, 4 hits, 3 walks, 8 strikeouts. Those seven innings re-qualified Kid K for the league’s ERA lead, giving the leaderboard a Minnesota flavor.

  • Of course, it wasn’t enough to land Liriano in the Tuesday’s All-Star Game. Nick and Nick chime in on the flawed selection process here.

  • frightwig writes an excellent bit here running down some of the Twins’ All-Star history. The immortal Ron Coomer takes home the crown for worst Twins All-Star of all time.

  • Friday night may not have been the most pleasant of games for Twins fans, but it did feature the debut of rookie Pat Neshek. Sporting one of the strangest deliveries in the league and a history of two-inning saves, it will be interesting to see how he’s used. You can get to know him here.

  • Roger’s latest Minor League Report is up. I always make a bee-line for New Britain’s section to check on pitchers Matt Garza and Kevin Slowey, both of whom continue to pitch well.

  • From the Continuing Items Department: minor league teams have the best promotions.

  • And finally, the All Star companion: the MLB “They’re Still Playing? Team”.

Enjoy the Celebrity Softball Game!


Anonymous said...

That Shame on you. Ron Coomer was not the worst twins all-star of all time. That distiencion goes to Tim Laudner in 1998. He was a platton player who hit .181 in '87 then busted out to a .251 average in his all star year.

As much as we want to rip Ozzie for picking his player, he did not take any part time players with him.

Anonymous said...

To get to know Pat Neshek, go to On the Road with Pat Neshek. He has an excellent rundown of what was going on in his mind and on the field that last few days.