Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Links of the Day for 7/13/06

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What do baseball fans do during the all star break? Surely we can't spend our time reading articles like this and this?

How about some mid-season grades? Jesse at Twinkie Town and Nick N. and Nick and Nick's have assigned grades to the players. It's actually pretty scary how similar their grades are. The largest deviation between them is their assessment of Torrii and Lew's performance to date.

Are you losing interest in your twinkies? Team Assessments given by the Twins themselves are, not surprisingly, upbeat- we're still in this! If you're not convinced by Kelly Thesier's article, Twins Territory and Sethspeaks have given us some reasons to continue to watch. has also given us an excuse to watch - the shear greatness of Joe.

I suppose if you're reading this, your the type of fan who'd tune in even if Ron Coomer was our only all-star.

Oh, and there was a game yesterday. We won. I bet Mark Redman will sleep a lot better knowing that the AL has home field advantage in the World Series this year.

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SBG said...

When I saw the "the shear greatness of Joe" I thought maybe there was an article on his haircut.