Saturday, July 15, 2006

Links for the Weekend

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This weekend’s links brought to you by Francisco Liriano’s glove

  • You know, it really is a shame that WCCO is losing its Twins flagship status. That means we’re going to be deprived of future brilliance in investigative reporting.

  • A look back at the first half of the season, courtesy of the Phat Phree, home of the internet’s finest preseason predictions.

  • Speaking of the internet, we all know how complicated and confusing this new technology seems to the layperson. Thankfully, we have Senator Ted Stevens to explain to all of us how our internets work.

  • My crack research staff has informed me of the following: this article appeared in Friday morning’s New York Times. The Auburn admissions department received Gary Russell’s application at 12:38 PM.

  • Barry Bonds is back in a spot of trouble. For the best coverage of the ongoing story, I would suggest Only Baseball Matters.

  • For anyone still waiting for the Tigers to fade, history is not on your side.

  • And finally, your Audio Daily Double. The Target Center will be basking in the glory of MJ this winter. No, not that MJ. The Mike James MJ. Chad Hartman had the thrilling announcement live on his show, and you can find the audio here and here. Definitely worth twenty minutes of your time. Among other topics, Mike discusses losing at Golden Tee, betting on black, and cheap prostitutes. Also, anyone that can explain to me why James’ pregnant wife is “sleeping with the enemy” wins a free paragraph in next weekend’s links.

Enjoy the ESPYs, everyone. See you next week.


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