Thursday, June 08, 2006

Links of the Day for 6/9/06

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Jesse over at Twinkie Town has a great entry of a number of missing Twins and where they were last seen.

A new website has appeared completely devoted to the new ball park. Be sure to check out the footprints of other stadiums and how they fit into the park’s new site.

In case your wondering about Gardy’s job security check out ESPN’s fan approval of him.

A new Twin community has developed: The Scrrappiest® Twins Fans on the Intraweb. It has two blogs, one devoted to the minors and the other to the majors written by very capable fellows. There is also an extensive forum, with albeit, some raucous posters.

Mainstream Power Rankings: has us at 19th, has us at 22nd, Foxsports has us at 23rd, and has at 22nd, for 86 points, which wouldn’t even win a basketball game.

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