Thursday, June 29, 2006

Links of the Day for 6/29/06

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The Twins won again. You know things are going well when your local sports writers don't feel the need to mention that it was a sweep.

Unfortunately, things are going well for every team in the division and we are still eleven games out of first place (blasted tigers!). Jim Caple of ESPN's page 2 wrote an article commenting on the American League's utter domination of interleague play this year. Apparently, the addition of Juan Castro has brought the entire national league to its knees. Even the Royals are 8-5 against the NL!

With their recent success, the young members of the Twins are generation some positive buzz. With this added attention, Liriano has been give a nickname. Also, I can finally stop complaining about the lack of all-star votes for Mauer.

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