Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Links of the Day for 6/14/06

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In a moment of clarity, the Twins have optioned Tony Batista to AAA Rochester and have called shortstop Jason Bartlett up. I'm surprised ar the lack of "I told you so's" coming from twins' bloggers. I half-way expected Aaron Gleeman and Seth Stohs to douse Gardy in Gatorade.

In the Strib article, Ron Gardenhire offered two explanations for the roster move
  1. Tony Batista is not hitting enough home runs (he's on a pace to hit 13).
  2. Jason Bartlett has learned how to be a leader in the infield, his last skill necessary to play in the major league.

That second reason makes me cringe. Apparently leadership is a skill that can only be learned in the minor leagues. It would be so much nicer if the final skill a major-league shortstop needed was something more tangible, like building a lightsaber.

Rondell White may be on the move as well, possibly as early as Friday when interleague begins in Pittsburgh. Which, by the way, is a series of no consequence according to FoxSports blogger Dayn Perry. Just try to say that to the six thousand fans at the game.

This is beginning to sound like a broken record, but why isn't Mauer in the top five for all star votes at Catcher?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone find a list of all pitchers that have more than 1000 strike outs and provide this list to the rest of us. I'd like to follow Johan as he moves up the list.

Anonymous said...

There are 398 pitchers with more than 1,000 strikeouts. You may want to wait until Johan gets to 2,000 (#60 or so) before you start tracking.

beach64 said...

Everyone knows you become a leader when you hit 300 in AAA. My question is when did Castro become a leader and when did he stop being a leader.

Snarky said...

It looks like the twins had an excess of leadership and the shipped Castro off to the Reds.
Does someone in Cincinatti owe T.R. a favor?

Anonymous said...

"Just try to say that to the six thousand fans at the game".

Try 33,025!!
6/16/06 Fireworks night ;)