Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late night Twins fix

by Twins Geek

When the game is over tonight and you're dying to hear some more Twins talk, I've got a link for you. Jim Theilman, author of Cool of the Evening: The 1965 Minnesota Twins has found himself one of the stranger promotions I've heard of.

Around 10:30 tonight (in the third inning), he's going to be on an Alaskan baseball broadcast. I don't think it works this way tonight, but since there are white nights that far north at this time of the year, they play games that begin at midnight and end at 2:30 AM - and don't use the lights.

Anyway, you can listen to Jim over the internet. Just go to this page, and a click on the listen icon at the top of the page.

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Anonymous said...

I usually never make a comment, but I think Gardenhire is a stupid ass for bringing in the majors worst $4M pitcher into a game in the bottom of the 8th when the game is tied. Lohse is terrible, and I guess it is not his fault, except that he is an ass, but Gardenhire is the real fool here. What a stupid move. Lohse lost our last game, and now Gardenhire lets him lost our next. Hey STUPID put him in when we are winning 8-0, not in a tied game.