Monday, May 01, 2006

Links of the Day for 5/2/06

by Intern Thomas

It’s a new series, a new week and a new month., which means it’s time to forget about the Tigers and April and focus on the what’s coming up for the Twins as they attempt to climb back into the divisional race.

  • Next up is the Mariners, a team that, after winning their last two games to take their series in Baltimore, is forced to travel from one of the best parks in baseball (where I will be taking in a game on Tuesday) to the Metrodome. Lookout Landing has an open game thread for the game if you’re interested in discussing tonight’s matchup with some Mariner fans, or if you just want to defend “Circle Me” Bert’s broadcasting honor.

  • In the not so distant future, some Twin will be playing in the All Star game. If you want to try and stuff the ballot box for Mauer Power, Luis Castillo or Shannon Stewart, you can start voting online. If you want to try and get T-Phat or Castro to Pittsburgh this year, well, good luck.

  • If you’re more of a realist, or you just don’t want to get your hopes up again only to have them dashed one more time by the pitching juggernaut that is Runylevs Hernandez, Aaron Gleeman’s take on April is probably right up your alley. The comments aren’t exactly happy fun thoughts either, though sadly, they aren’t exactly out of line. After reading Gleeman, it’s worth it to take a peek over at Twins Without Spin, where he discusses what the Twins should do once they decide to cut their losses on the season.

  • And, as bad as it’s been, remember that it can always get worst. At least none of the Twins’ position prospects, despite getting jerked around by management, have taken it out on an unsuspecting umpire. And while T-Phat hasn’t done much with his bat, that’s a good thing if you consider that it means he’s avoided using it like A-Rod did in Baltimore.

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