Thursday, May 11, 2006

Links of the Day for 5/12/06

by Intern Pseudofool

  • It’s a bit early to start the trade rumor machine going but a few blogs are discussing the possibility of Hunter and/or Stewart going to the Cards here, here, and even here. Though I’m sure some people still aren’t very keen on trading with St. Louis after giving them Tom Brunansky for Tom Herr.

  • King Kyle? I guess we won’t see Liriano this quickly after all.

  • Can we measure defense with as statistical model? The answer is: who knows. But nonetheless ubelmann takes a look at the Twins measurable defense and its absurdity.

  • Don’t forget to examine and analyze the minors on a regular basis! You can do so here and here. Also look for Roger’s updates on (as well as Seth’s own observations) and Dianna’s updates in the minor league forums at DTFC. [editor's note: You can also find Roger's minor league news in GameDay] Don't you want to discuss whether Trevor Plouffe is better than Alexi Casilla? Or how good Doug Deeds and Josh Rabe can be? Matt Moses is hitting .330/.382/.530 with five homers, I know I like that. Batista eat your heart out.

  • Mainstream Power Rankings: has them at 21st, has them at 25th, Foxsports has them at 23rd, and has them also at 23rd, for a grand total of 91st place, which is really bad considering there are only 30 teams.

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