Friday, April 21, 2006

Links of the Day for 4/21/06

by Pseudofool

Torii Hunter this, Torii Hunter that. Yankees. Angels. Twelve million option. A sold house. Tim Dierkes has had an awful lot to say about how the “Hunter Situation”might shake out. If you think about it, the Twins would have a lot of chits (Hunter, White, Castillo, Stewart, Radke, Lohse) if they fall out of contention. I know, I know - too much fantasy baseball.

SoCal thinks that Crain’s struggles are overblown, while over at Jewscott’s Head, he thinks people who are confident in that left side of the infield are overreacting. Personally I find any analysis this early in the season is always a little overwrought.

Non Sequitur Moments:

  • ranks the Twins 10th, ranks the Twins at 17th, and ranks the Twins at 11th, for a grand total of 38th place, which means absolutely nothing.

  • Batista’s BB to HR total has reached 5 to 2, which is pretty unexpected. And he’s hitting fourth, oh my.

  • And who says Gardenhire isn’t prophetic—well, maybe he isn’t but really, he is awfully poetic.


TheBentKangaroo said...

He's also hitting fourth!

Pseudofool said...

Yeah, Torri's misspelled, my moniker is spelled, I can't count. Bad day for blogging, er typing.

pseudofool said...

er, my moniker is *misspelled*. Bad keyboard, bad.

Anonymous said...

Twins Suck, Chicago cubs rule they r going to sweep the Twins when ythey play them in June