Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Links of the Day 4/20/06

by Snarky

It was a slow day in the twin's blogosphere, today. Perhaps were are in recovery from the loss on Tuesday, or Gardy's dramatic reenactment of his favorite commercial.

We know what Gardy thought about the officiating last night, but what about an unbiased opinion? How about two opposing opinions? Will Young agrees with Gardy, while the TwinsJunkie opposes.

I could clearly see from my view in the home run porch, that the ump was terrible. Although, I may have been distracted by the obnoxious St. John's student behind me screaming profanity's at Chone Figgins all night. If you (section 141, row 12, seat 20) are reading this, please read this.

The Bat Team gives 10 ways that yesterday's game could have been worse.

Nate Silver at ESPN has rated the 50 most valuable players and two twins landed in the top ten.What, no Batista?

On the twins official site, a story that gives us those warm feelings all over again for Torii. Okay, we forgive you about those comments from last week.

Also, don't forget to go to the public debate about the ballpark on Thursday.


David Wintheiser said...

Slow day in the Twins blogosphere, eh?

Might not be a bad time to announce the return of Contrarian Bias.

John said...

Hey, welcome back David. Nice piece on Sierra. You're linked.