Friday, April 28, 2006

It’s that time of year again. Mock drafts and mock mock drafts, analysis and mock analysis. But our nation’s pastime has its own draft on the way, in just over a month. In preparation for the world’s greatest conference call, and to give you a break from the football madness (and Mel Kiper’s Hair, it’s time for the links.

  • David Schoenfield counts down the 100 worst draft picks of all time here. A surprising number of baseball picks make the list, mostly because of some other high-profile player that could have been taken instead (see #’s 73-56, “The 18 Guys Drafted Before Clemens”). I find this to be a ridiculous “hindsight is 20-20” situation; the baseball draft is by far the most difficult to predict in any given year, and to look back and rip on teams for not realizing the greatness of Derek Jeter is absurd.

  • In this still-relevant 2004 article, Bryan Smith discusses some key changes that should be made to the MLB draft, using a year that holds special significance for the Twins as an example (think Mauer + Michael Young).

  • This not-so-creatively-titled blog has the complete, finalized 2006 draft order, with all compensation picks. The Home Nine have picks number 20, 64, 96, 119, and 126.

  • So who can we expect to join the opening day roster in time to welcome a shiny new stadium? Baseball America runs down the top 20 prospects here. By all accounts, the draft is very pitching-heavy this year; just what the Twins need!

  • As for young players the Twins already have, BA ranks the Minnesota farm system sixth overall.

  • What would happen if baseball’s current structure was completely blown up, with every player thrown into one überdraft? Both Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America answer that question. BP’s Nate Silver writes his two part special for ESPN here and here, while BA’s draft can be found here. A couple of Twins show up in the top ten on both lists.

Two more in Detroit this weekend; enjoy the stick-and-ball.

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