Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Daily Links for 4/12/06

by Intern Snarky

It's hard to ignore all off the chatter on the net about the bill for the new Twins' ball park. Below are links to a few columnists' recent thoughts on the bill. To help, I've summarized their opinion in the fewest words possible.

Joe Soucheray in the Pioneer Press (Pro)
Rationale: New ballpark = good. Female impersonators = bad. Hennepin County officials = very bad.

Nick Coleman in the Strib (Ambivalent)
Rationale: New ballpark = good. Stadium = Bad. The Pohlad = very bad.

Senator Belanger on MPR (Anti)
Rationale: Even the stadium that most deserves to be built, doesn't deserve to be built. Also, that stadium is not the Twins' stadium.

Sid Hartman in the Strib (Pro and feisty)
Rationale: The Pohlad (who is good) is the only thing keeping the Twins in Minnesota without a stadium. Unfortunately, The Pohlad is not immortal . . . . .yet.

The Greet Machine (Pro)
Rationale: New ballpark = so good I almost crapped my pants.

Say it ain't so Torii
In an interview with Jason Williams, Hunter says

"I want to win, I'm addicted to it. I'm sure there are people in this organization who want to win, but we're restricted. I would love to stay in Minnesota. I get treated fine here. This is my home. I grew up here. But if they don't want to win — I'm not talking about the front office, I'm not talking about the players, you know who I'm talking about (ownership) — then it's time to move on."

Glad to see we've put all that infighting behind us (sarcasm).

Seriously Torii, we want to win, it's just that losing is so easy. Admit it, you kind of like losing too. Besides, they wouldn't respect you in a big market town like we do. We even let you spell you name wrong. We think the extra "i" is kinda cute.

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