Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day Off

The Kirby thing should rest for a day. A lot of good was done this week, thought I wish it would have been done a couple of months earlier, when a prodigal son could still have come home. It'll have to do; it should rest. Like I hope he rests. Like I hope his family and close friends rest. Like I hope we all rest.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you tomorrow.


Dicta said...
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Dicta said...

Losing Kirby is/was horrible. But at least it brought the Geek out of hiding.

Long live the Geek!

MF said...

Couldn't be happier to have you back. Even though I'm still dealing with the loss of someone I've never even met and wondering what that says about me as a person I still got a little fires up knowing you're back in action. I look forward to your thoughts on the season (and the family and life in general). I'd go on but I'm already pushing the awkward gushing teenage girl/creepy stalker with a Twins fetish thing too far. I'm gonna need Batista's belt to hold all this nerdy happiness in, and frankly I don't think he can spare it at the moment.