Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Episode 17: Mailbag 2

Aaron Gleeman and I are joined by two great kids: Joe The Random Internet Baseball Guy and his Super-Girlfriend Kate. Together we talk about Twins news and listener's questions, including Matt Capps' return, the hiring of Gene Glynn and why the guy below still gives me nightmares. Also, Aaron reveals his top opening lines for meeting the fairer sex.

Rob Wilfong


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pod cast.....would love to hear more about Aaron's baseball card collection.

Anonymous said...

You are way offbase on this one... trying to figure out exactly what Nathan OWES Minnesota, as he spent quite a bit of time closing for much less than what he'd have been worth on the market. That, and quite frankly, after they dragged him through the mud during the season, why exactly would he be itching to sign another one, especially when he wants to get a ring?

Dave said...

Right on the money, no pun intended. Nathan's level of ingratitude is almost as high as the amount of money he was paid the last few seasons. I was wondering if anyone was going to point that out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps naming Rob Wilfong as your choice for worst Twin ever was a joke, still, I feel the need to defend him a little. He was by no means an stud, but was an excellent fielder and an adequate bat. He set a American league record for fielding percentage for a second baseman in 1980. He was one of baseball's best bunters. And a bonus, we got Tom Brunansky when Wilfong was traded to the Angels. Looking for the worst Twins ever, try Terry (0-fer) Felton.